Welcome to the Trash Map Events Page. This section has been designed to help community groups in planning their clean up events and for volunteers to find local events coming up.

Zoom in on the map and click on any blue flag to find out details of when and where the clean up is taking place. To find out more details and join the clean up, click on the provided link. Event organisers may ask you to RSVP or register through their preferred platform.

The blue flag system has been designed to help community groups in planning future events and to advertise their events to volunteers. Advertising your event on Trash Map has several benefits:

  • Help avoid double ups in cleaning the same area
  • Reach a greater audience and find more volunteers

To register your event, fill in the create event form. We ask for very basic details and you can supply a link so volunteers can find out more and register to attend.

Once registered, our team will verify the data before posting the blue flag. After clean up event day, you will be reminded to place either an orange or green flag pending what has taken place. The blue flags will disappear automatically so if you don’t post a new flag, others won’t know if it has been cleaned or not.

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