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Trash Map is a simple way to report illegal dumping, places that need cleaning or places you’ve cleaned. You can even find clean up events near you.

First thing you need to do is register as a user. We don’t need many details, just a name and email address in case we need to contact you for more details. Only allowing registered users to report locations also helps us weed out non-genuine submissions from bots. And we promise we won't spam you.

We use a flag system.
They are:

Red Flag

Report a place that needs cleaning. This is for reporting illegal dumping or large volumes of debris. Please don’t report a few small items that can be collected by one person. We need a photo and exact location so we can report this to the local authorities. The more details you can give us the better. Red flags also help community groups plan their future clean ups.

Orange Flag

Report a place that you have cleaned but have been unable to remove the rubbish. We will need a photo of the debris you have collected along with an exact location so local authorities can come and collect it. Once collected the flag will turn green so you know that the authorities have picked it up.

Green Flag

This is for when you have cleaned and removed the debris. Green Flags will then remain on site for a set number of time to indicate to people that a clean up has already occurred in this area. That way we don’t double up and can focus clean ups in different areas.

Blue Flag

This is for upcoming community clean up events that you can join in on. Community groups will register their future events so that everyone knows about the event and no one doubles up on cleaning the same site on successive occasions. To join an event, click on the link in the details. To register an event, you can lodge your blue flag here .

Once a flag has been lodged, our team will verify the report before sending onto the relevant authorities for that area for action. We appreciate your support for this program and together we can keep Australia clean and tidy for everyone and everything.

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